Before going, I thought the highlights would be the rapids and the excitement.  However, I think the rugged beauty of the country along with the fun and interesting people we met will be the lasting memories.  Seth and Company hosted a great party!  Our river experience was so much better than expected.  We counted on good fun on the river, but the hikes, the fishing, and the soaks in the hot springs added so much to the whole trip.  And then there was the food…The food was fantastic!  We had no idea that a dutch oven and skilled practitioner could provide such tasty dishes.  All the guides were so professional and so much fun.  We had a blast and will remember our first trip as a very special event.
Carolyn Janke, Middle Fork Salmon, 2013

Everyday was a highlight. The beauty of the river and land, the hikes, the wildlife, the companionship–it was great!… Everyday we ate great meals and snacks, saw interesting landscapes and animals–including a bear in a tree along the riverbank…I’ve never been to Idaho before, but would come back for another trip–it was that good!
Martin Mariella, Middle Fork Salmon, 2013

I wanted to drop everyone at Wilderness a note to say what a fantastic organization you have and what a wonderful experience I had on the last Main Salmon trip of the season!  It was absolutely perfect weather and life on the river cannot be any simpler with such wonderfull support that you provided…  It is really gratifying to see a family business truly enjoying what they do, and sharing that joy with all of us.  It is very clear in the way you operate, that providing this experience to “us” just comes naturally to you.  I can’t thank you enough for an incredible week!
Chuck Day, Main Salmon, 2013

I have had so many great trips with WRO that you would think we could not top what we have had before this trip – but we did!  This is one of the best trips I have ever had – anywhere, anytime!
Bill Bush, Middle Fork Salmon, 2013

Words are inadequate to describe what this experience has been like traveling the mighty Alsek river.  We’ve had enough experiences for a lifetime packed into 12 days.  Whatever your gig is – it’s there…geology, glaciers, enourmous river flow, wildlife, wild flowers, rocks – PLUS experienced, highly skilled guides, who took good care of us.  Each campsite was beautiful and different.  All the meals were delicious with a gourmet presentation.  A super well organized, exhilarating and fun trip!  Thank you Seth!  Thank you John and Keith!
Elizabeth Danish, Alsek, 2012

I read that we may leave the river, but the river never leaves us.  The Middle Fork was a wonderful river, and I am happy to keep it in my mind.
Teresa Sarmina, Middle Fork Salmon, 2012

Five great days on the Flathead River with some good friends and great guides.  We took a remarkable hike to the top of Vinegar Mountain…We ate like kings and enjoyed some of the most incredible scenery outside of Glacier National Park, including a breathtaking encounter with a mountain goat and her kid as we rounded one of the last turns of the trip.  Won’t forget this trip ever!
Willie Baronet, Middle Fork Flathead, 2012

Just wanted to thank you again for one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever been on.  I had an incredible time and am constantly reliving many aspects of it.  It was a life-changer! Hopefully we’ll be able to join you next year for another adventure on another river.
David Danish, Alsek, 2012

The fishing was unbelievable, the river was perfect, the food was great, the hikes were beautiful and the company was the best.  Speaking for Trent and myself, we did not want the trip to end.  We will cherish the time we shared in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.
Steve Page, South Fork Flathead, 2012

A perfect mix of personalities, all capable, kind and patient with a good sense of humor, knowledge and experience.  Trip of a lifetime and fabulous memories with our children and of yours – exceeded our wildest dreams in every way!  Thanks for all you, Amy, Seth and Henry, did to make it exceptional for us.
Tom Sharp, Main Salmon, 2010

The beautiful vistas,the wildlife, the river rapids, the wonderful food was just the beginnings. The greatest thing about  the trip were the guides. Amy, Seth, Erik, and Matt are unbelieveable.  They are true experts in their field. Amy was an outstanding leader and her knowledge of the wildlife and flora is amazing. Again thanks for the great trip.
Jim Bates, Main Salmon, 2010

Sleeping under the Stars, fabulous food, beauty of Idaho and our 3 wonderful guides…Thank you for the best family trip ever.
Mary Sharp, Main Salmon, 2010

I have wanted to take a raft trip like this for years so I came in with very high expectations.  I could ramble on and rave about many things, as I have done with family and friends since arriving home last night, but simply put the journey on the Middle Fork exceeded every expectation!!  As I was talking with my wife about the trip last night, Janice interrupted and commented how great it was to see me so content, happy and excited.  The trip put many things in perspective and firmly renewed my desire to spend more time in wilderness areas.
Bruce Richards, Middle Fork Salmon, 2009

Just a short note to say how much we enjoyed our trip on the Middle Fork.  All of us had a great time – the scenery was great and the rapids exciting.  What really made the trip however, was the guides – Gary and Jess were brilliant.  Thanks from all of us for such a great adventure – well worth the trip from Britain.
Alistar Houlding, Middle Fork Salmon, 2009

Everything about the trip was superb, but the most memorable of all was the people-your family and your guides are the most wonderful group. I am reminded regularly of how kind, generous and unflappable you and your crew were with us. Thanks-you set the standard!
Martha, Michael and the kids Gangemi, Middle Fork Salmon

It was one of those special weeks that reminded us how much we mean to each other – and the majesty of the Good Lord’s creation.  Your guides Kelly and Matt were true joys!  Personable, helpful and remarkable young people.  They not only guided us through the experience – they were a big part of the experience.  Their generosity of spirit and knowledge of the river were awe inspiring.
Jim and Janet Box, Main Salmon

Brent and Jessie were fantastic.  Not only did they know what they were doing on the river and in camp—but they both also had such great personalities.  We also certainly enjoyed the scenery, the opportunity to kayak…and the food was wonderful…a 5-star rating.
Tim and Janell Travis, Middle Fork Salmon

Our guides did a superior job-they made things fun for the kids but still earned everyone’s respect. They helped all of us have a better time. All were extremely competent, happy, safe, and inspired confidence.
Bud Woodall, Salmon River

Amy and Jesse were terrific. I can’t believe how much fun Forrest had on the trip, I think that he will look back on it as one of the high points of his childhood. This trip exceeded my wildest hopes in terms of a positive experience.
Evans Simpson, Salmon River

From the moment we pushed away from shore to the moment we landed on day 6, it was all “the best.” Special praise for Seth, Mark & Jesse is in order, though. Except for some travel difficulties (our fault) this trip could not have gone better. The river, the scenery, the side trips, the food and the guides were ALL as good as it gets.
Allyson Comstock & Bailey Jones, Salmon River

We feel fortunate to have lucked into an outfitter which caters to smaller groups and which didn’t treat us like “dudes.”
Glen & Nancy Baisinger, Middle Fork Salmon

Being immersed in nature for 6 days was exquisite-especially with such wonderful food, great equipment from rafts to sleeping bags, and fantastic helpful, cheerful, interesting, caring guides.
Mary L. Johnston, Salmon River

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