Our Guides

  • Seth Tonsmeire, WRO Operations Manager

    Seth has grown up in the WRO business spending all his summers logging many river days on the Salmon River. Now, going on two hundred multi-day river trips and 12 years of guiding, he has dedicated himself to carrying on the WRO tradition of providing quality wilderness adventure in years to come. Seth spends most of his time rafting, kayaking, fishing, snowboarding/skiing, hiking, camping, and working on Hayden Creek Ranch in the winter. Seth graduated from Montana State University in 2008 with a degree in Geography and a minor in Native American Studies. Seth leads many of the WRO trips and works in Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and Canada. Seth looks forward to joining you on the river, and can be reached at seth@wildernessriver.com or 406.579.8677.

  • Jessica Blick

    Jessica is from Arizona, but has spent a lot of time on rivers around the world.  Jessica started guiding day trip in Alaska on the Chilkat River outside of Haines.  From there she started guiding multi-day trips on the Alsek and Tatshenshini. Starting with WRO in 2015, Jess spends most of her summer on the Middle Fork and Main Salmon Rivers.  When not running rivers, she spends her time traveling, kayaking, skiing and hanging out with her dog Shady Grove. Recent kayaking trips have taken Jess to Chile, Nepal and many other places around west!

  • Amy Tonsmeire
    Amy Tonsmeire

    Amy spent all her summers growing up on the Salmon as well. Hooked at the age of 15, she has been guiding for WRO for 12 years and still can’t get enough. She knows the ins and outs of WRO, both on the river and in the office. She is a graduate from Montana State University in graphic design and business. In the off season she does freelance design, works with variety of non-profit organizations, is on the Board of Directors with the Salmon Arts Council, and is studying to obtain her HERS Energy Rater Certification. Her passions are for snowboarding, kayaking and most recently Stand Up Paddle Boarding. She is enthusiastic and loves sharing a good time with others. Amy guides in Idaho, Montana, Alaska and Canada. She can be reached at amy.tonsmeire@gmail.com or 208 940-0320.

  • Joe Biby
    Joe Biby

    Joe hales from Kalispell, Montana where he lives with his amazing wife, Anne.  Joe has been a lead guide with WRO for almost 15 years and has the stories to prove it.  His knowledge of river ecology is outstanding, as he was a professor of Biology at Montana State University.  Western Montana has been his backyard since he was a kid and he knows the Bob Marshal Wilderness complex and Glacier National Park like the back of his hand.  Joe posesses a love and fascination for remote river canyons and adventure that you can’t help but catch.  He has explored the rivers and trails of Montana his entire life, but he has a special place in his heart for the wilds of Alaska.  Joe guides trips in Idaho, Montana, Alaska and Canada.

  • Pepper Tonsmeire
    Pepper Tonsmeire

    Pepper was one of the orginal guides at WRO in the early 70’s!  He has plenty of good stories about how things use to be in the good old days.  Pepper left river guiding in the 80’s and moved to the bay islands of Honduras to run a dive resort on Barbareta.  He lived the island life for 26 years, which has also left him with many great tales of adventure from running off thieves on the island to general day to day life in central America.  Afer moving back to the states ten years ago, Pepper has traveled extensively in Central America, South America, and Southeast Asia.  Pepper has been spending more and more time in Idaho the past few years and he started guiding a few trips here and there and decided he likes spending more time on the river.  Now after 40+ years and the Tonsmeire family still running WRO, we are happy to have Pepper back on the WRO guide roster!  Pepper guides on both the Middle Fork and Main Salmon.

  • PJ Moran
    PJ Moran

    Peter Moran, or PJ, will be guiding trips with WRO starting in the 2013 season. Whitewater kayaking has been a major part of PJ’s life from a young age. His passion for whitewater kayaking has taken him on travels not only around Idaho, Montana and the Pacific Northwest, but around the world. PJ has been a rafting guide for the past five years, but on top of that has many more years of river experience. PJ spends his winters as a pro patroller at Mt. Baker Ski resort in Washington. Being on pro patrol requires high levels of first aid (wilderness EMT) and high angle rope work for rescues, which are great skills to have as a river guide too. We are excited to have PJ on the WRO team this coming river season!  PJ will be guiding on both the Middle Fork and Main Salmon.

  • Iris Frye
    Iris Frye

    Iris is from Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  She started rafting and kayaking at age 15, so she has spent many days on the river.  Iris first started working on Idaho rivers in the 2008 on the Main Salmon.  She started guiding for WRO in 2010 and works on the Middle Fork Salmon, Main Salmon and Middle Fork Flathead.  Iris has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Fort Lewis College in Durango.  When not teaching or spending days on the river Iris loves being outside mountain biking in the summer and skiing in the winter.  Iris has also built a beautiful handmade dory, which she loves to get on the water every chance she gets.  Iris is fun and a pleasure to spend time with on the river!

  • Alex Green
    Alex Green

    Alex grew up in Salem, Oregon where he developed an early love and enthusiasm for spending life in the outdoors.  Alex first started guiding river trips during the spring of 2011 in Colorado.  He attended the University of Denver where he earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology and psychology.  During the winter months, Alex works as a ski patroller and EMT at the Yellowstone Club Mountain Resort in Big Sky, Montana.  While not working, Alex seeks out fun times and adventure as he pursues his passions of boating and skiing in wild places.

  • Shane Moser

    Shane is from the Palouse region in Northern Idaho. He has been guiding in Idaho for 12 years and has run rafts on some of the most challenging technical runs in Idaho and Montana. Shane is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and makes a great addition to our team. Shane has an engineering degree from Idaho State University. Some of his preferred hobbies include powder skiing, steelhead fishing, whitetail and turkey hunting and just good old-fashioned exploration. His favorite is enjoying Idaho’s great spring whitewater. Shane guides for WRO in Idaho and Montana.

  • Amanda
    Amanda LaRiche

    Amanda is a long time river guide and truely loves river trips.  When she is not guiding on the river, she is usually off on a private trip somewhere with her boyfriend Scott.  Amanda has guided on the Grand Canyon for many years running both rafts and large motor rigs.  Amanda first started working in Idaho in 2010, after moving north from the Grand Canyon.  She is a pleasure to be around and on occation plays the guitar around the campfire.  We are happy to have Amanda as part of the WRO team on the Middle Fork and Main Salmon river trips!

  • Keith Meehan
    Keith Meehan

    Keith is a resident of the Flahead valley in Montana.  Keith has a long history of guiding backpacking and rafting trips in this area.  He has done many trips on the wilderness section of the Middle Fork Flathead as well as the lower day trip section.  He has guided many hiking trips in Glacier National Park and other areas of the Montana backcountry.  When he’s not spending time in the outdoors, Keith is a school teacher in Columbia Falls, Montana.  Keith brings great experience to any outdoor adventure and we are happy to have him as part of the WRO team.  Keith guides on the Middle Fork Flathead, Alsek and Tatshenshini.

  • Erin Griffith
    Erin Griffith

    Erin has grown up in a river family from day one.  Her dad John was a long time WRO guide as well.  The Griffith family has been long time friends of the Tonsmeire’s and John has been involved in many great adventures with WRO over the years.  Erin lives in Hailey, Idaho where she just finished building her new home.  Erin spends her winter free time backcountry skiing.  When not enjoying the outdoors, Erin owns and operates a graphic design and website company, Dirt Bird Productions.  Erin has a great sense of humor and always has a smile on her face!  With a lifetime of whitewater experience, in both kayaking and rafting makes her a natural river guide and very knowledgable on the water.  Erin guides in Idaho on the Middle Fork and Main Salmon.

  • brandon schloemer
    Brandon Schloemer

    Brandon fell in love with river and river life as a private boater.  Once turned onto river guiding Brandon quickly became a natural.  Getting to spend the summer out of the river is his ideal job and often refers to driving sweep boat on the Middle Fork Salmon as the best job out there.  Brandon is the go to sweep boat driver for WRO and has been a great addition to the team.  While not on the river Brandon has his own stone mason business, works construction and guides elk hunts in Montana.  Brandon recently built a beautiful wooden hybrid dory drift boat and loves to take it out on the river whenever possible.  He has also helped out with some warehouse improvement projects in the off season.  Brandon guides both in Idaho and Montana.

  • Gary Power

    Gary lives here in Salmon, Idaho.  In his prior life, he was a biologist for the Idaho Fish and Game and now serves on the IF&G Commisioners Board.  He is an expert on the wolf and sheep population in the Central Idaho Wilderness and knows the history of these canyons better than anyone else.  In his spare time he enjoys horsepacking into the backcountry with his wife, Tam.  Gary is a lead guide on both the Middle Fork and Main Salmon Rivers.

  • Kyle Fedderly
    Kyle Fedderly

    Kyle has been a river guide on and off for 20 years!  Before first coming to work with WRO in the late 1990s, Kyle guided on a variety of different rivers in California.  Since joining WRO Kyle has worked on all the trips that we offers.  Kyle is now married and lives in Whitefish Montana with his wife Kim.  He spends much of his winter ski patrolling at Whitefish Mountain Resort.  He is also a substitute teacher in Whitefish, and currently waiting for a full time teaching position to open up.  Kyle still guides a few trips for WRO on the Middle Fork Flathead, Middle Fork Salmon and Main Salmon.  Kyle’s long time guiding history makes him a valuable member of any wilderness adventure!

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