Bear Valley Hiking & Horse Pack Trips

 Bear Valley Pack Trips

     The Bear Valley Lakes Trailhead is only 10 miles from our Hayden Creek Ranch. The trail climbs up through the timber and breaks out into the open 6 miles later at this beautiful chain of alpine lakes. The lakes have good fishing and there are excellent hiking opportunities up onto the surrounding peaks for terrific views. You can ride or hike up to the lakes for a day, or choose to do a longer horse packing or backpacking trip.

Combine Pack Trip with Salmon River Rafting

After your trip to the Bear Valley Lakes, join one of our 6-day river trips on the Main Salmon River. The Salmon is one of our favorite trips and great for families, as well as any adventurer. We offer 4 days on the ranch and 6 days on the river. Call us if you would like to discuss either the ranch or the river or both at 1-800-252-6581.

All pack trips scheduled by request with 3 person minimun

Hiking trips with horse support ~ scheduled by request
Backpacking trips ~ scheduled by request

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